Hudson Debacle - Sounds like Queen, Replacements, Weezer

All About the Hudson Debacle

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  1. I don't know the Man with No Feet
  2. The Hospital in the Ocean
  3. We Young and Handsome Gentlemen
  4. Drinking with my Friends
  5. Your Drunk Drunk Secretary
  6. The Little Boy who...
  7. Stupid Yesterday
  8. Stupid Tomorrow
  9. Crimes of the Dancefloor Make-out Artist
  10. The Planet Earth Ejector Seat
  11. The Goddess Fabric
  12. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
  13. The Wretch and the Devil
  14. Sad Berlin
  15. Rockmen to a Far Away Nowhere
  16. The Fantastic Asshole
  17. The Hudson Debacle Part II
  18. Lost in a Parking Lot
  19. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
  20. The Moon Rolled in the Sea
  21. How to Fight a Girl
  22. Stupid Saturday
  23. Icecream!
  24. Stumblebaby

The Hudson Debacle is (was) a big fun rock band from the Boston area. Big and fun and singing along. We play all originals, which, for the sake of convenient comparison, YOUR (yes, the reader's) convenience, are similar to Replacements, Nightranger, Descendants, Queen, Weezer, heavy metal, Billy Idol, punk, new wave, new wave, and all sorts of different stuff. We are totally unique and impossible to describe. No, actually we're not too hard to describe, really, just big fun fast rock-rock and roll songs with crunchety guitar, a big fat throbbing pianist, and sing-along singing (you know, for singing-along - - for the KIDS, mug).

Lyrically, our songs are typically about alcoholism, teenage sex, and metaphysics. More can be heard, read and (potentially) understood at our MUSIC page . This is also where you can download FREE MUSIC . The income-enhanced should BUY A CD.

Central to our band is the notion of having fun. It is, to a massive degree, institutionalized within the band, and is our overarching guiding construct. In fact, we're thinking of having buttons made. We formed in February of 2000 as good friends, super-friends really. A theorist, an executive, a technologist, and a professor joining together to make sweet rock music for the new American intellectual and the (un)common drunkard. Tidbits of information (in lieu of cheese) about us as individual folks is available HERE.

The Hudson Debacle played about in New England. We hope to see you soon at a bar near us.

Follow your nose. Thanks, and mind your own business.

We Young and Handsome Gentlemen.

Dr. Chris Beck plays bass and sings for the Hudson Debacle. Chris was born and raised in Montana. He has a PhD in Physics from Tufts university and served in the US Armed forces. He used to sing and play bass for Sodlid, which is "dildos" spelled backwards, although one might take it for a code name for a toupee. They released a CD, which is very elusive. THD plays a song about a toupee, which would add to the confusion. Chris's favorite beer seems to be Harpoon IPA. He has lived in Somerville, and will and does live in DC. He has been a professor and post-doc researcher at North Eastern University in the fashionable South End (Roxbury), but now holds a congressional science fellowship, where he consults congress on issues of science.

Dave, also known as Austin, plays guitar and sings for the Hudson Debacle. He was raised in western Michigan and went to school for food marketing. He started playing guitar in 1999 and has gotten pretty decent. Dave lives in Brighton. He is a writer of poems and fiction, having being published in a few national magazines. He is a technologist by trade, and is a lead application developer, developing new software for mid- and small-market companies. Dave enjoys potty humor and cold beer.

Xavier has a PhD in cosmology from Tufts university. and specializes in string theory. He now lives in Milwaukee and works on a big gravity machine. He plays keyboard and sings for the Hudson Debacle. Xavi was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and was raised throughout Eurpoe, including Spain, spent some time in England, and is now in the Boston area. Xavi lives with Kim, who makes very tasty meatloaf. Xavi, in turn, can now make good fried chicken. Xavi lives in Milwaukee. Xavi frequently breaks his equipment. Xavi enjoys good drink and food and spirited conversation.

Jeff plays drums and sings for the Hudson Debacle. Jeff was born and raised in Detroit and now lives in Boston with his wife, Mo. He has a degree in acting and water color painting. Jeff is a consultant who helps companies move jobs over to India Jeff has five other CDs he's on/created, goofy arty stuff, mostly pop operas, including "Anthemunanthem" , "Thing and Nothing", and "Penisgeek Chrestomathy: the Essential Cubicle Nosepicker". He did this through his production name, TASM Lab . He helped organize "The World will Remember" , a charity comp for the 9/11 tragedy. Jeff is also a hobbyist painter and sculptor, and his work can be viewed HERE .

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