Hudson Debacle - Starring Chris Beck, Xavier Siemens, Jeff Till, and David Nash

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History of the Hudson Debacle

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  1. I don't know the Man with No Feet
  2. The Hospital in the Ocean
  3. We Young and Handsome Gentlemen
  4. Drinking with my Friends
  5. Your Drunk Drunk Secretary
  6. The Little Boy who...
  7. Stupid Yesterday
  8. Stupid Tomorrow
  9. Crimes of the Dancefloor Make-out Artist
  10. The Planet Earth Ejector Seat
  11. The Goddess Fabric
  12. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
  13. The Wretch and the Devil
  14. Sad Berlin
  15. Rockmen to a Far Away Nowhere
  16. The Fantastic Asshole
  17. The Hudson Debacle Part II
  18. Lost in a Parking Lot
  19. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
  20. The Moon Rolled in the Sea
  21. How to Fight a Girl
  22. Stupid Saturday
  23. Icecream!
  24. Stumblebaby
This is easy...

Jeff started playing keyboard and bass and guitar in about 1982, where he started writing songs.

Xavi, as a youngster, starts playing piano. (Dave did too, but didn't stick with it)

In 1991, Jeff played bass in the Kalamazoo-based rockband, Overman, where he wrote and performed the song "Tomorrow", now on the Debacle's first CD, titled "Stupid Tomorrow".

Dave briefly takes guitar lessons with then Thought Industry star, Paul Enzio. Lessons are short-lived.

In the mid nineties, Chris plays bass in the band Sodlid, learning many of the hot chops he'll use later in the Debacle.

Somewhere in the late nineties Xavi's girlfriend at the time sharves her head, and seems she won't date any more men.

For Dave's birthday, Jeff gets him a used 12-string guitar, and Dave begins playing.

On Dave's (30th?) birthday party in 1998, Chris and Dave and Jeff were sitting around and Chris said "I should buy a drumset and we can start a band".

Dave starts buying lots of guitars, amps, recording gear, pedals, pods, boards, chords, etc.,

In mid-1999, Jeff accounces to Dave that he'll get a drumset by January of 2000 so that they can start a band.

In January of 2000, Jeff buys a drum set.

In February, Jeff, Dave, and Chris begin practicing as a new rock band in Chris' basement. The first songs learned include Lionelle Ritchie's "Hello", a cover of the Pegboy song "Strong Reaction", a cover of Scruffy the Cat's "The Moons fo Jupiter", and some originals such as "Tomorrow", "Daddy Drinks because you Cry", and "Planet Earth Ejector Seat".

Dave starts thinking up sone names, including:

- Trouserschnauzer
- 2 buck zither
- Ass Hammer
- Wrong
- Stinkertoy
- Skinbat
- Used Banjo Skin
- Dick Snikker
- Gravel Axe
- Ass Porno
- The Pe-nus-kateers
- Chile Bag
- Famous Anus
- Jeff's Mortgage
- 2 Bit Whore
- Flatulizer
- Gasoline Rainbow
- Beck
- Mother's at fullback
- SlapJack and the Wussies'
- The Stadium Rock Riffers
- Toneless
- The 4 40's

Around May or so, Xavi joins the band on keyboards.

Within months, Xavi buys a keyboard.

The debacle learns more songs, like "Your Drunk Drunk Secretary" and "Sad Berlin" and "The Man with No Feet".

Around July or so, the band names itself "The Hudson Debacle", largely because they practice on Hudson street (little did they know that they would eventually practice at the "Allied Screw and Bolt" building.

In August, Jeff buys a condo.

The debacle learns more songs, like "Crazy Chick (crimes of the dancefloor makeout artist)", and "the Hospital in the Ocean".

Chris finishes school and takes a job at NorthEastern.

On October 10, 2000, the Debacle plays at a party in Chris's basement. Police break up the set during the last song.

Amazingly soon after, the Debacle play the Middle East on November 9th. We open for Caustic Resin and the Beatings.

On February 9, we play the Milky Way in JP, with Science Park and Euphonic.

On March 14, we play the Sky Bar with the Colorforms. We play there again on July 28 with them again and the Doom Buggies.

In April of 2001 or so, we move out of Chris' basement and into a practice space in the South End.

Around June or July, we begin recording our first record with Jere Faison and his Infinity Studio, also located in the South End. We finish in about 50 hours, over a few weeks.

We start, around August, learning new songs for the next record.

In September, two planes crash into the world trade center in NYC, killing thousands.

October, Jeff is layed off from work.

Some new songs, "lost in a parking lot", "Fantastic Asshole" and others. In December of 2001, the Debacle moves its practice area to Xavi's house. We soundproof. Dave is layed off from work as well.

Icecream and Stupid Saturday are written.

February of 2002 the band decides to press its CD. Jeff and Dave are rehired at thier old jobs.

March 2002 the CD is released, and the website is launched.

We do a modest booking campaign, but get booked at TTs and 608 all the same.

A bad review, or only review, is published in Boston landmark the Noise.

We play at TTs for a nice crowd.

We write other songs, like "how to fight a girl", and "fuck fuck fuck fuck", and "Rockmen to a Far away nowhere".

Chris mistakenly reads a "honey dew" sign to read "monkey oven"

At the very end we write "Stumblebaby" and "Overeducated drunks"

The 608 is our last show, and we take our stuff home after that, because the band is done.

Jeff finishes the cover art for the new CD and it might get pressed..... Get the CD

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