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Penisgeek Chrestomathy: The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker

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  1. The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker (or Any Other Day This Year)
  2. Drawer of Knives
  3. Everything Seems Clear (or I will Sew Every Seed That Falls)
  4. The Dreams of Buried Children
  5. She Made A Simile (To Explain to The Drunks It Was Time To Leave)
  6. Demystified, Disenchanted, But Still Stirring Delusional (I'm Bigger Than Atmospheric Pressure, Larger Than Weather Could Be)
  7. Mom's Favorite Bum (or The Price of Money)
  8. America's Lear
  9. Failure for Dummies
  10. America's Lear (Reprise)
  11. Black Cloud Over Charlestown
  12. The Grain of Deity in Woman
  13. Beautiful Like Me

The Players:

Dick: David Grant
Ruby: Michelle Graf

Man on the street: Charles Bradford
A Telemarketer: Jared Bryant
Herald Vendor: Brent Oberlin
Himself: Jeff Till
A Passerby: Craig Verity

Violin: Natalie Beversluis
Classical Guitar: Colin Bradford
Bass & “Magic”: Brent Oberlin
Piano: Irving B. Mayor & Jeff Till

Production: Mike Roche at Broadside Studios, Kalamazoo MI. July 1999

Lead Application Developer: D. Austin Nash
Fixtures and Finishes: Jennifer Rudolph Till
Editorial Assistance: Kari Fairchild
Cover art and design: Jeff Till

All Words and Music: Jeff Till
Some Vocal Melodies*: Michelle Graf

Michelle contributed greatly to the vocal melodies of "Grain of Deity" and "America's Lear"

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