Overman from Kalamazoo - Sounds like Nomeansno, All, Dagnasty, Replacements

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Overman - Racecar! Redux 2003 - Before Overman

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  1. Overboy
  2. Grow
  3. Scaredy Cat
  4. Iíll Go Alone
  5. Free Delivery
  6. Thanksgiving Day
  7. Funny
  8. Out of the Way
  9. Spider Eggs
  10. Tomorrow
  11. I Donít Need You
  12. Overman
  13. Love/Sex Relationship
  14. Every Word
  15. Party Favor
  16. Shame
  17. Keep Your Voices Down
  18. Jokes Over
  19. Overandout

Before Overman, Craig and Jeff had a little rock and roll outfit called "Cry". Cry featured Alamaman guitarist George Grandenetti, who had a mustache and a flying V.

Cry played about 10 shows or so. Cry lost a battle of the bands to Johnny with an Eye, who later grew up to be pop sensations "the Verve Pipe". Cry just grew up to be Overman. It was in Cry where Craig would yell a hearty "Why" during our non-hit, "Independance Day". This flyer is nothing great, but it was for Cry's first show. We played with "Babes in Toyland", right when it was hip to be a girl grunge band.

Although we were not that hot, we got to play with one of my favorite bands, "ALL". All used to be the Decendents and then became ALL. We tried to sound just like ALL everytime we could. This was a fine honor.

Before Cry Craig and I had a band called "Common Ground" who played one Battle of the Bands thrown by a bunch of foreigners at college. Greg Davis, I think, was the guitarist. Greg used to be the bassist in Detroit favorites "Snake Out", who released there awesome album "Live Pizza". Snake Out played kook rock. Because of Greg's involvement we added a surf tune, "ramrod", to the set.

Common Ground actually started with guitar player Chuck Wood, who left before the very first show for some reason. Chuck eventually went on to play with Fugazi-esque bands Firesale, Vine and Jack Red Cloud. This flyer was from my band when I was sixteen, "The Blind Mice", which featured Chuck and myself, along with Al Wiseman. These lovely high school days also had the bands Cannible Cafe and Thirteen Stories, all who got to play one show and featured primarily Chuck, Al, myself young drummer Karl Faulhabber. I think Karl went on to play with Al's little brother, Beans, in a band called Fig. Beans and Fig. Goddamn.

This link leads to a gratuitous autobiography of Jeff. Click here

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