Overman Racecar - Fun, drunk punk rock from Kalamazoo

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Overman - Racecar! Redux 2003

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  1. Overboy
  2. Grow
  3. Scaredy Cat
  4. Iíll Go Alone
  5. Free Delivery
  6. Thanksgiving Day
  7. Funny
  8. Out of the Way
  9. Spider Eggs
  10. Tomorrow
  11. I Donít Need You
  12. Overman
  13. Love/Sex Relationship
  14. Every Word
  15. Party Favor
  16. Shame
  17. Keep Your Voices Down
  18. Jokes Over
  19. Overandout

Dramatis Personae:

Matt Sahlgren: Git-thang
Craig Verity: Kettle fury
Jeff Till: Bass fiddle and words

Pat Balai: assistance
"Racecar 1991" recorded and engineered by Dan Humiston

"Racecar 2003" remastered and diddled by David Austen Nash on his computer. New guitar by Jeff. Dave plays guitar on "tomorrow" and the solo on "jokes over". New vocals by Jeff. All words and music by Jeff Till

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