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Overman Big Thank You List!

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  1. Overboy
  2. Grow
  3. Scaredy Cat
  4. I’ll Go Alone
  5. Free Delivery
  6. Thanksgiving Day
  7. Funny
  8. Out of the Way
  9. Spider Eggs
  10. Tomorrow
  11. I Don’t Need You
  12. Overman
  13. Love/Sex Relationship
  14. Every Word
  15. Party Favor
  16. Shame
  17. Keep Your Voices Down
  18. Jokes Over
  19. Overandout

This extensive thank you list was included with the original cassette release of RACECAR! It is riddled with inside jokes, some so insigificant and obscure that I doubt Matt, Craig and myself could now interpret them. Undoubtably this list would turn out exactly the same if this exersize was taken on now. Enjoy. Hopefully this will really fuck with the search engines.

Overman would like to thank the following for supplying the crayons for our musical coloring book:

Steve Lynch for the love and support, Joel Johnson for staying awake, Sinatras for being our favorites, Thought Industry with respect, FAQ for being almost as cute, Firesale for all the great pot, Four Peace for bringing out the little girl in all of us, Big Hunk of Chees for the big hunk of cheese, Last Laugh for being punk rock, Banter Clan, for all of their conviction, Black Spring for their cool muscles, Rolling Head for their endurance, Twitch for the drums, Jaber11 of confusing us, Dresden for the sensation, VictimÕs Family for the fury, Entagled for their standards in excellence, Daisy for the twenty bucks, BabeÕs I Toyland for the backrubs, New Duncan Imperials for feelinÕ sexy, (IÕm schizophrenic, yes I am), the Four Horseman for seeming vaguely familiar, Bon Jovi fo the key to the limo, Feedbag for the pure attitude, Madge for the soft hands, Michael Jackson for of the wall, Edward Van Halen, Diamond Dave, Al and his Missias, Vanessa for the icey cold beers, All at Nazareth College, especially Barb for her well timed eviction, Rick Ragainis, Odie, Carrie and Nicole for the food, Carrie and Janice for their overboosterage, Brent Oberlin for the shows, Jamie Betwee for the opportunities, enemy Squad for crashing, Hope, Andrew Allman, Anne Dixon, Steven and Alison (all our best) and their folks, Chris at the K-Klub, Mike Peters and Tony Sage, Theta Chi at Alma ų Jokes Over, Julie Pritts for the free cakes, Saad, All at the couch house, Paul at the Club Soda, John Huff thanks for the tape (I am the anti-christ), Pente, Todd and Mellissa for not coming, J.J., Kaytee Till, Darcie Salhgren ų The cutest little sisters an Overman Could have, Mark, Todd, Bruce, Sherrie, Steven and Britton, Tami and Brandi, Peter Pan, Dave Nash for the ringing the mule, Laura, Taco Bell for the mexi-melts going down and the refried beans coming out, Orange Growers of America, Cinci Cream and the handsome waiter (I want him), Mr. And Ms. Pacman, George ų Tony Iommi-Grandenetti, Abba, Alien Boys, terry Whitman for the work, Thomas Edison for the lights, Ben Franklin for the electricity to fuel the lights, Henry Ford for the Car to het the light which runs on electricity, The TAURUS, overboy, air hockey, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio-etc., All at K. Can, Fredrederick, High Society, Chuck Wood, Al, Beans, Joel Wick for more great pot, Dark Chair, Levi, John Reemer, Bill Clements, Uncle Cidley, Hempus Maximus, Kiss, Motley Crue, SST for having cool bands, Bill Stevenson (is my nose brown?), Cry?, Common Ground, Greg Mitchell ų let the Snake Out, Dope House, Barry and soundpeople, Drew Finn, mom and dad, mom and dad, mom and dad, Mark, Lynn, Jane, Matt, Gordon and Martha, Flipside records, Boogie records, Hole in the wall, RIT drum cafˇ (Garret and Big Joe), Music Exchange, The Academy, Stephen Hall, Chapman, Jomamma, John, and Davis, Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meathead, Eric Smith, Jamie, George Lucas for the legend, Rock Cafˇ, Harrison Ford and all the cool things heÕs done, Robocop, Nitche, Patrick Meyers, Gene Roddenberry, Lemy, Ralph Nader, Jello Biafra, Buk, Acme, Itchy and Scratchy, Jah, Grateful Dead, Birds, Bees, Jim Henson, Marvin marvins and his partie party, Emil Vos, Dolly Madison, Pop rocks and coke, caffeine and nicotine, rex cafˇ, Monster and Petey, Puff and Honolee, Popeye, Banana Splits, Captain Kirk and Spock, Space 1999, Twilight zone, Man o steel, Marvel and DC comics, Gavin, Neil Juhl, Kelly Bundy, Evan Smith and the farm, Norm and Cliff, Guy at Munchie mart who sold us beer, Drew March and Mark Fisher, Elvis, Dr. Suess, Zuess, Achilles, Mercury, Zen and the art of going to the lavatory, Mr. Myagi and his rees, Wendy-who left me alone, Erin Dwight, Keith Grahm, The Lovell House, Triesha and Roseanne who owe Craig a pair of shades, Sweetcorn, Mike Martin, Taco and Alexander Grahm Bell, Les Paul, Thanks and no thanks to the condom (we love you, but we hate you), seventies for the Ramones, Nikki for standing me up again, institution of sex and higher education, Chuck Taylor for housing our feet, Wayne Taylor for housing gthe rest of us, Wing Stadium, Meijer cafˇ, Hearty Hamburgs, Hot and Now for quick and warm bowel movements, Robin on Carr street, Rana, LeBarron and Subaru, Scot Brown, Dez, Josh, and Adam, Jason IÕm so pretty Birkholtz, Linda McCartney, the Kurds, Easy terds, Gomers, Public Enemy, NWA, Jay for the mic stands, Bill Sikkema for the amps, Chris Haner, Opie, DillionÕs Music Center, Peppers, Cycline, Black night, Arthur Fonzerelli ų the coolest guy in the world, Mr. Dolby, DJ Vice, Chris Wilson, Pete Morinno Senior, All the bands that give us their coat tails to ride upon, Maximum rock and roll, Flipside fanzine, Twitch house, JoelÕs Danielle, the pill, Richard Bowser, Siobhan at the room at the top, Mickey, peter, Davey, Mike, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Janis, Jimi, Jim, Sid, Stiv, Joey and Dee Dee, Captain Sensible, Iggy, Selling Heaven, Lincoln at the state, Lincoln at Gettysburg, Gretchen from GR-hay, itÕs you, MTV, BET, BBC, CNN, SNL, NBC, Nick at night, Wally Pleaseant, The Generals, Art, WMUK, Grassroots, paychecks, In Autumn, Captain Dave, Matt Groenig, Don Martin, Steve Martin, Al Jaffe, Speed Racer, Dereck Wildstar and entourage, Mel Blanc and Chuck Jones, Halsey, Our deepest respects to Christopher Lee, KinkoÕs at eight cents (gasp) a copy, the Japanese, Charles Shultz, Bill Watersone, Berkely Breathed, Gary Larson, Gary Trudeau, Desecrator!, Goofy- master of time, four four time, and three four time (spidereggs), All of the chords G, C, D, F# and of course E, Overboosters everywhere, Debbie Gibson we want to stick our hot love muscle into your honeybucket (electric fucking youth), Tiny tim, Bay City Roller, Shonen knife, Noah and his boat, Moses and his rules, the Toy Dolls, Brahm, Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and irving, Inky, Blinky, Dinky and Sue, BEANS!!!, Food, Ultra Man, Spectre man, dark knight, DOA, Prince and his revolution, the Never ending story, Moonwalker, Becky Cooper, Jenny Meyer, Ninja Turtles, Srgnt PepperoniÕs ų sorry about the checks, MartiniÕs pizza, Kelly Grahm, Kelly Argyle, Mike Duhn, AMA, Abigail and Cliff, Anthony, Dave, Mike, Laurie, Brian, Jay, Emily, Russ, Mark, Doug, Chris, The other Chris, Dale Ford, Melanie Harold, Lynn, Katie, Janice and Laurie again, Craig Verity, Matt Sahlgren, and hopefully the Overpat, Mr. Hohn Hand, Rick, Just Jo, Bob Gnarly, Scott, Ron and Karl, Moj man, D-man, wait, war, death, famine and pestilence, LilÕD, Mike Mitch and the T-snakes, MC5, Cydney Harris, Hammer 13, Pogo Ray, Sinner, All the old girl friend for giving us the fury, and all the new hopefuls, everyone weÕve forgotten-you know who you are, everyone we have of-you know who you are, and SandyÉÓthanks a lot for nothing, babyÓ Jef, Craig, and Matt

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