Screwtape Anthemunanthem - Guest starring Brent Oberlin of Thought Industry and King Tammy

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Screwtape Y1.993K Anthemunanthem Artwork and Flyers

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  1. Three Red Bicycles
  2. Stickinhole
  3. (Herman Keypad's) Disadvantage or The Rape of Baby Jessica
  4. Number 28
  5. pb
  6. Law of the Land
  7. Spiderfarm
  8. (Herman Keypad's)Dissadvantage (Reprise) or Margarettes Love After Death
  9. Underneath (Anthemunanthem)

Click on the song title to see the script:

Three Red Bicycles
(Herman Keypad's) Disadvantage or The Rape of Baby Jessica
Number 28
Law of the Land
(Herman Keypad's)Dissadvantage (Reprise) or Margarettes Love After Death
Underneath (Anthemunanthem)


All: We will race to the moon!. Three red bicycles there for us to ride. Get on, peddle quick, we will have such fun! Three red bicycles

Craig: One for Jeff

Jeff: One for Craig

Colin: and one for me!

All: Move to the starting line so we can win the race. Tra la la!

All: Peddle to the moon

STICKINHOLE Script by Bradford

A Man: We are here drinking beer, and sex is fear that the mattresses on the floor and the sheets are no more clean than a pornographic magazine. I'm the one your mother said 'just stay away from me ', guess I just watch to much TV. Am I asking to much of you, I am in love, but I have never learned: 'I am man '. All alone, blood-shot stoned, the tidal tone rings in my head, there's nothing to be said. I'm your whore lying on the bathroom floor


Herman Keypad: Its not my actions that deem me criminal. It's just these odd circumstances that seem to follow me around. I saw my cousin yesterday. She was wearing heels and pigtails. She gave her baby a dollar and kissed her goodbye. The baby came up to me and begged me for a kiss. I took her dollar and kicked her in the face. Oh, she was crying, and begging for mercy so I raped her. But that's OK. Do you know why?

Passerby: Why?

Herman Keypad: She raped me back. Its not my actions that deem me criminal. Its just these odd circumstances that seem to follow me around. So my cousin comes up bitching about her baby. I said 'hey doll, you know how these things just happen ' ' I lit up a cigarette and I tried to relax. She ripped it form my mouth and told me that it offended her. I said her that her worthless, ugly, toothless face offends me and with that I ripped her head off. She stood there bleeding, like an angry volcano god. I just stood there and laughed. She's dead now and I'm said, but hey, I have custody of her baby.

NUMBER 28 Script by Till

Number 41: What do you think has become of me because I don't think I'm the same as yesterday. Scientist cam and retrained by brain and now I think change, through pain, is now my hell.

Cynic: My mother said it was magic, and her mother said it was god. My father said it was science. He was wrong.

Number 41: Take me far away. I can not live here, I can not stay here. Take my life away before I hurt you, before I snap Take my life away. I'll lose my humanity, I must maintain sanity. Fight!

All: I am not an animal.

Voice of the city: Monster!

Number 41: I ascend this earthly muck to achieve power to kill or to destroy everything I hate and love because I am god.

All: I'm not sick. I will destroy. I wil not be controlled.

Voice of the city: Keneda!

Number 41: Help me

Cynic: If science created your reality number 41, do you feel pain or are just cold?

Number 41: I used to dream in black and white, now I just dream in black. Fly past the sky, I tremble no longer, hunger forever. Earth fits in my mouth but I can not taste her, I can not love her

Cynic: Create a man that's on our side. Create a devil that doesn't lie. Fight.

Number 41: We can't see. We can't breathe.

Cynic: Bring back my scientist. Forget that we lived.

All: Does he die?

Number 41: No.

All: I am not an animal

Number 41: We must awaken number 28

Pb Script by Bradford

The good and evil Dr. Simmons: She claims I have gone away to the edge to this man's brain. Who died and made you my god, to judge the living and the dead? Lead in the stream. Lead in my baby's head, in the stream. Lead on the TV screen. Out, scream out, I still won't believe. Fire on the wall. Fire makes me perspire, still I fall. No hears but I still call for something that I do not see.

LAW OF THE LAND Script by Till

Screwy duck: This is mine!

Loopy and dizzy duck: This mine!

All: Mine! Mine! Give me back what is mine

Loopy duck: This is yours

Screwy duck: This is yours

Loopy and screwy duck: Take it! Take it!. Take responsibility

Screwy duck: This mine

Loopy and dizzy duck: Mine!

All: Law of the land suggests this is mine.

SPIDERFARM Script by Bradford

Captain John Barneveld: Cobwebs between my ears. Long time since my head's been clear. This industry has begun

Senator Fortier: black widows, the secret weapon

Captain: Black clouds cover the sky, I've seen my life flashing before my eyes.

Senator: I shall not submit

Captain: I was having a beautiful cigarette on a Tuesday afternoon then all of sudden I saw a shadow and blood dripping from the moon. I went to get my gun from my bedroom dresser, hoping to defend myself against this evil oppressor.

Senator: To bad it had to come to this, but the economy is in my hands. I know it sounds a bit fascist. I have to kill the poor to save the rich.

Captain: Went to talk to a friend of mine to tell her what I had in mind.

Senator: Are you insane?

Citizen 1.0: open your eyes!

Senator: You aren't the same

Captain: Can't you see that we will die. I'm possessed by the demons of ignorance

Senator: I can't understand

Captain: or are you guilty of your fetishes of decadence

Senator: I am guilty, momma, please forgive me

Captain: I see just where I stand, now its time to be a man. You are the chosen ones.

Senator: Black widows, the secret weapon. Can't you see that you're the fool, he'll do good for you.

Technical Officer Doyle (as played by Brent Oberlin): 10 9 8 7


Herman Keypad: Oh shit, I forgot. I met a beautiful girl yesterday walking down the street, actually, I was walking and she was not. She must have been foreign, her hair was yellow and her face was blue. I walked down the street where she lay and asked her name. She didn't say anything so I assumed her name was Margaret. Oh, I love the name Margaret. I got down and asked her for a stick of gum, but she didn't say anything, but that's OK, because I understand. You see 50% of love is sharing and 50% is communication, and 45% of the of the communication 50% is understanding, making it a low, but substantial 22.5% of the grand scheme. But sometimes 90% of love is just sex with 10% fear of loneliness and 2% just talk, with only a fraction, say an additional .004% actual unselfish concern. But perhaps I should refigure the figures and give it 90% sex, 7.92% fear, 2.076% talk and .004% actual unselfish concern. Then again, love could just all be a huge mouthful of shit, but recent experience have made me a tad bitter. So, between the sharing, communications, sex, fear of loneliness, talk, actual unselfish concern and mouth full of shit I figured myself three times the lover I should be, but only half the gentleman I could've been considering the whole time I was standing on her hands. I decided that at this point that Margaret and myself were destined to be together forever and with that thought I consummated it with a kiss. I opened her jaws slowly with my tongue and slowly drank the cold passion from her still lips and from that I found that something in her mouth had stuck to my teeth. Nothing makes me more uneasy, nor so bothered, than bad oral hygiene and with that I know that our love could never find its way through the torments of our difference. I spit our maggots and kicked her in the face but her head lay still for her hair was pasted to the cement with blood. I left that day. I was hurt, but more so I was angry. Friends will ask me 'do you remember being in love ' and I always say 'I used to shit my pants when I was baby, but I've learned to deal with since then '. Its not my actions that deem me criminal, its just these odd circumstances that seem to follow me around.


Another man: This time I think I'll hide in bed, from this day, this life. I want to move. But I think I understand why I feel so lonely, talk so lonely now. I'll hide away from the rain today, the sorry gray, so far away from what I see in me. I'm underneath.



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