Screwtape - Sounds like Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Nomeansno, Victim's Family

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Screwtape Y1.993K Anthemunanthem Album Credits

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  1. Three Red Bicycles
  2. Stickinhole
  3. (Herman Keypad's) Disadvantage or The Rape of Baby Jessica
  4. Number 28
  5. pb
  6. Law of the Land
  7. Spiderfarm
  8. (Herman Keypad's)Dissadvantage (Reprise) or Margarettes Love After Death
  9. Underneath (Anthemunanthem)

Anthemunanthem was crafted by the following individuals. Bios can be found here

Craig Verity: Drums and vocals
Craig plays Himself, passerby, voice of the city, Dizzy Duck, and Citizen 1.0.

Colin Bradford: Guitar and vocals
Colin plays Himself, a man, cynic, The good and evil Dr. Simmons, Loopy Duck, and Captain John Barneveld.

Jeff Till: Bass and vocals
Jeff plays Himself, Herman Keypad, Number 41, Screwy Duck, Senator Fortier, and Another man.

All Music and Lyrics: Screwtape team MCMXCII Be TV Music
Production: Scott Carver, Brent Oberlin and Rob Riester at Fast Trax Studio, Jennison MI, 11/15/1992
Executive sponsor: Michael J. Mead

Special thanks to our families and friends, and specifically to the guys in King Tammy

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