Screwtape from Kalamazoo - Anthemunanthem - technical punk

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Screwtape Y1.993K Anthemunanthem

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  1. Three Red Bicycles
  2. Stickinhole
  3. (Herman Keypad's) Disadvantage or The Rape of Baby Jessica
  4. Number 28
  5. pb
  6. Law of the Land
  7. Spiderfarm
  8. (Herman Keypad's)Dissadvantage (Reprise) or Margarettes Love After Death
  9. Underneath (Anthemunanthem)

The MP3 files are considered CD quality. Unfortunately, this drives the file sizes from 500k to over 5megs in some instances. If you are using a plain old 14k or 28k modem, you may very well wait forever. If you need an MP3 player, you can get one here at or a favorite is also REAL Player. These are some of the best, the others can be heard on the compact disc.

1. Three Red Bicycles Jef, Craig and Colin take a magical, heavy metal bicycle race to the moon!

Fast paced, manic, quirky, arty metal with singing, shouting, anthems and a moment of funk.
2. Stickinhole Buy the compact disc Song about being self assured during dirty sex
3. (Herman Keypad's)Disadvantage (or the rape of baby Jessica) Buy the compact disc Herman Keypad, a deranged sex criminal, rapes a tiny child and kills someone's mother.
4. Number 28 Based on the animated movie "Akira", Tetsuo comes to grips with God-like cosmic powers. Kills all his friends.

Fast paced, complex, cyber-punkish, technical mayhem with science fiction theme and everyone singing and shouting.
5. Pb The drinking water has been poisoned, which later infects everyone's children. The Good Doctor Simmons investigates.

Strange, backwards-sounding, wierd tuning, melodic number with Colin taking the lead on the vocals
6. Law of the Land Screwy Duck, Loopy Duck and Dizzy Duck fight over ownership of various, undisclosed objects.

Hyper, spazztic, cartoonish, convulsive song with lots of shouting and Ministry-style riffage
7. Spiderfarm Giant robotic spiders attack the poor in a Republican scheme to rid the world of white trash.

Epic rocker with story telling singing and really neat guitar work.
8. (Herman Keypad's)Disadvantage (reprise) or Margarette's love after death Buy the compact disc Sex fiend Keypad gets it on with dead blonde on the street.
9. Underneath (Anthemunanthem) Lonely guy feels trapped in triumphant lighter-waver

Large, slow Queen-esque anthem with one of the finest guitar solos ever committed to bytes.

Screwtape crafted some songs after the release of "Anthemunanthem". They are:

10. Cockmachine No clip available Lyrics: I am Cockmachine...I FUCK. You get the picture.
11. Eat me (resurection) No clip available Angry man is trapped working at a bakery while Prudence packs up and leaves him. Chaos ensues.
12. Amphibian (Smeagol)(live recording) No clip available Based loosely on Tolkien's Golem character, pasty monster confronts his father about eating cold, dead fish.

Poor live recording of genuinely strange, twisted, makes-almost-no-sense type of progressive art rock.
13. Babytalk No clip available "he stuck in his thumb, and pulled out a plumb". We just don't know where he stuck it.
14. Inhale No clip available Pretty song about slowly drowning oneself. Sort of an "underneath II" The lyrics go: "Let me fall asleep underneath the surface tension. Quickly cracking from breath withdrawn from my lungs. Open mouth sings a silent lullabye. It's only water I'll inhale."

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