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The following women and men have contributed to TASM Lab projects. Many of them are interesting humans who have collectively created many other fascinating projects. It is recommended to find and devour each of thier works. Its nearly impossible for me to track all of these folks on a regular basis, so I apologize for any inaccurate information. Thanks in advance. As they are:

Chris Beck
Natalie Beversluis
Charles Bradford
Colin Bradford
Jared Bryant
Christopher Bryers
Scott Carver
Kari Fairchild
Michelle Graf
David Grant
Barbara Grib
Dan Humiston
Irving B. Mayor
Micheal Mead
D. Austin Nash
Mandy Neubacker
Brent Oberlin
Pat Overman
L.J. Pascarella
Rob Riester
Mike Roche
Matt Sahlgren
Xavier Siemens
Barbie Sparks
King Tammy
Jeff Till
Craig Verity

About the players and contributors:

Chris Beck (Hudson Debacle Bassist and vocalist)Dr. Beck lives in Washington DC and is an Advisor to Congress on issues of Science and policy. He may even run for office some day. Yeah, holy fuck. He's got a PhD in protein folding from Tufts University. He used to play bass and sing for SODLID, which was a punk band in Boston, but more interestingly, the word for Dildos spelled backwards. Now he plays and sings guitar in a jamboree in Baltimore. Prior to advisin' and jamboreean, ol' Montana (or 'The Anvil' or 'The Hinge' or 'the Professor' or 'thumbacler') lived in Paradise-city and played bass in the sensational the HUDSON DEBACLE. He used to be a professor at NorthEastern University and taught astronomy. He enjoys old, old t-shirts, truck-drivin', (and drunk driving), chewin' and remedying hangovers with cold beer. Some people may think its the Crown Royal, but we think its the Donna Wilson. Ow!

Natalie Beversluis (In The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: Violin) Natalie plays violin in the Western Michigan folk band, Central Sun (jeff 2004 - still? who knows?). She lives in Grand Rapids, MI (jeff 2004 - maybe). Her first studio recording is The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker

Charles Bradford (In The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: Man on the street) Sorry for the terrible photo, Charles! Charles fronted the rock band "Black Spring", who recorded with Butch Vig (garbage) and had thier drums stolen by The Smashing Pumpkins once. Oddly enough, Chuck would later play bass with a pumpkin on his head (no shit). Charles went on to play bass in Genius Hired Guns with fellow TASM gentlemen Brent, Colin and Jared. Charles recently rocked out with the outfit OWSLA with Chris Bryers. (Jeff 2004 - has there been something since?) Charles works as a television producer in Kalamazoo MI which means he constantly has to wake up early in the morning. He lives with his wife, Heather, and thier beautiful baby, Arlene. (Jeff 2004 - could be more?) Charles' recordings include: TASM Lab (The essential cubicle nosepicker,1999), Genius Hired Guns (Dutch Mafia, 1994) and Black Spring (Girth, 1991)

Colin Bradford (In Anthemunanthem: Himself, a man, cynic, The good and evil Dr. Simmons, Loopy Duck, and Captain John Barneveld. In Thing and Nothing: Captain John Barneveld. In The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: Classical Guitar) Colin was trained in classical and modern guitar at the Mannus College of Music in New York, and finished his degree recently in Chicago. Colin has performed both vocally and instrumentally in The Shills, Screwtape, Doxie, Genius Hired Guns and Astrid Flood. Colin currently lives in Chicago where he continues to study music and plays in the mod/alt band UNDERCAST. He works as a credit card marketer, a guitar teacher,a bartender, and has a dog (maybe?). His recordings include: Penisgeek Chrestomathy: The essential cubicle nosepicker (TASM Lab, 1999), Thing and Nothing (TASM Lab, 1995), Doxie (Doxie, 1994), Genius Hired Guns (Dutch Mafia, 1994) and Screwtape (Anthemunanthem, 1993)

Jared Bryant (In The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: A Telemarketer) Jared can impersonate the guy from Queensryche pretty well. Jared has played drums with Rollinghead, Thought Industry, Genius Hired Guns, Table and Clockmaker. His TASM Lab appearance is his second vocal performance recorded over the telephone. Jared is a master carpenter, and used to build TV sets for a living. LITTLE KNOWN JARED WRITING - SECRET Jared is lactose intollerant, but he eats ice cream anyway. Jared's past recordings include TASM Lab (Essential Cubicle Nosepicker, 1999), Thought Industry (Recruited to do good deeds for the Devil, 1998), Thought Industry (Black Umbrella, 1997), Thought Industry (Outerspace is Just a Martini Away, 1996), Table (Blank, 1993), Genius Hired Guns (Dutch Mafia, 1994), and Thought Industry (Songs for Insects, 1992)

Christopher Bryers (In Thing and Nothing: Simon Still) Chris sang and played guitar for the Los Angeles-based rock band SLEET, and was the vocalist and songwriter for Owsla and Twitch and Selling Heaven and Son of One. He lives in Kalamazoo and sells cell phones. His discography includes: Sleet (The Volume Drops, 2000), Sleet (self titled, 1999), Rollinghead (vol.3 Live, cameo, 1996), TASM Lab (Thing and Nothing, 1995), Twitch (Beaten Senseless and Giddy with Love, 1994), Twitch (Chairman of the Board, 1993), Twitch (Jedi 7", 1993), Twitch (Homewrecker, 1993), Selling Heaven (self titled, 1991)

Scott Carver (Screwtape Anthemunanthem producer) Scott recorded all of the bands in Kalamazoo back in the early nineties at Fast Trax before Mike Roche built his studio and promptly set to eat FastTrax lunch (this probably isn't true). Scott was always really nice and worked during the day as a chemist or something.

Kari Fairchild (Editorial Assistance) lives in Ross, Ca (near San Fransisco) and is the key supporter for the Amy Fairchild Band. Kari and her husband, David, have a son named Griffin. David works as one of the 12 masters of the universe, and Griffin likes to eat pizza.

Michelle Graf (In Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: Ruby. In Thing and Nothing: Christmas) Michelle's last big gig (besides TASM stuff) was with moody, alt band Blue Dahlia. She has also sung with The New York Room, Lo-Fi Scorpio, Veronica Speedwell and others. Also my new neighbor, she lives in wicked Southie and is an import trade specialist in the retail sector Waltham and is in the floral industry. She now sings with the most nicest bass-player in town, Steven. Additionally, she's kind of foxy and real agreeable. She didn't drink much beer during either TASM recording, but I hear she can really wolf it down (per Karla Wescott's word). Michelle's recordings include: TASM Lab (Essential cubicle nosepicker, 1999), Blue Dahlia (self titled, 1996), Cicatrix: The Ritual Scarring Volume 1 (a complilation, date unknown), TASM Lab (Thing and Nothing, 1995) and The New York Room, (self titled, 1995)

David Grant (In Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: Dick) Dave Grant is a long-time cool guy in the hopping Kalamazoo scene. He has recently reformed legends, ROLLINGHEAD, and is already touring West Main Ave, AND Burdick St. in Kzoo. He used to be in The Confirmation, then went on to sing for a long time in Rollinghead and then closed up work in Dead River Drag. Dave used to be a janitor at the art museum, then worked as a vendor-side procurement practitioner in the suntanning products industry, and now reportedly is in internet sales. Dave lives in Kalamazoo with his charming and foxy wife, Coleen. Dave's recordings include: TASM Lab (essential cubicle nosepicker, 1999), Dead River Drag (Scarlet, 1998), Rollinghead (Vol 3. Live, 1996), Rollinghead (Long Black Feeling, 1994), and Rollinghead (Daddyhorse, 1993)

Barbara Grib (In Thing and Nothing: Exta Noises) Barbara said all the dirty words in Thing and Nothing. She used to date Colin. She was a nice lady. Probably still is.

Dan Humiston (Overman racecar producer) People used to call Dan "Danno". Dan had a little studio with a little four track. Dan also recorded the Sinatras and 4 Piece. Dan used to play bass in Shroud of Secrecy and Memories of Tomorrow, both which are mysterious and mystical names.

Irving B. Mayor (Essential cubicle nosepicker: piano) Irving was born in Paris, France and later moved to Dorchester, MA when he was three. He began playing piano at the age of seven, and by the age of 12 he played classical guitar, bassoon, drums and vibraphones. Although never a prolific composer, Irving enjoys playing both the classical masters and modern acid jazz. Irving is alergic to strawberries, and now lives in Cambridge with his outspoken wife, Andrea. Irvings recordings include TASM Lab (Essential Cubicle Nosepicker, 1999), Irving B. Mayor (Mayor On Aukerman, 1997), The Gelsing Trio (Daydreams in My Underpants, 1994), The Gelsing Trio (Vodka Sleep, 1993) and The Ruckus Seven (Fuck, Animal, Fuck!, 1988)

Micheal Mead (Sponsor of Screwtape) Mike Mead, back in the day, worked at a printer and used to help young punks, like Twitch, put out CDs and records. He's real nice. He lives with his wife and children in West Michigan.

D. Austin Nash (Guitar player for the Hudson Debacle, guitar guest star on Overman Redux, Foreword for Thing and Nothing, 53 stories) D. Austin used to play guitar in the HUDSON DEBACLE (strumbacler), ripped some mean leads on the new Overman Re-release, and is/was a writer of short fiction and poetry. He lives in Brighton, MA. He pays $950 $1,200 per month in rent for his one bedroom apartment. Dave, as he is also known, is totally and completely unemployed works at the same ole' place he always has.

Mandy Neubecker (Other voices in Thing and Nothing) is a graduate from Western Michigan University in modern dance and choreography. Rumor has it that she has resurfaced in New York City, where she may very well dance. Who would know?

Brent Oberlin (In Anthemunanthem: Technical Officer Doyle. In Thing and Nothing: Mr. Mashpee Mungquack. In Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: Herald Salesman, bass guitar, and "magic") Brent is the alpha and (now, very much the) omega of Thought Industry (Metal Blade Modern). He has sold thousands of records worldwide and lives in Kalamazoo Ann Arbor MI. His most notable achievement is understanding the differences between Similes and Metaphors. Brent also plays bass in some other bands, such as Rocketman and Dead River Drag. Brent now sing for a new Michigan band called COSMONAUGHT. Brent may be finishing a degree in Philosophy and sometimes tours the nation. His releases include: Thought Industry (Short Wave on a Cold Day), TASM Lab (Essential Cubicle Nosepicker, 1999), Thought Industry (Recruited to do good deeds for the Devil, 1998), Thought Industry (Black Umbrella, 1997) Thought Industry(Outerspace is Just a Martini Away, 1996), TASM Lab (Thing and Nothing, 1995), Genius Hired Guns (Dutch Mafia, Swollen Lip Records,1993), TASM Lab (Screwtape: Anthemunanthem, 1993), Thought Industry (Mods Carve the Pig/ Assassins, Toads, and Godás Flesh, 1994), Thought Industry (Gelatin, 1993), and Thought Industry (Songs for Insects, 1992).

Pat Overman (Roadius Maximus for Overman) Pat helped Overman load in to Club Soda about twice and got this prestigious label on the Overman J-card. Only about 200 copies of the Overman tape was sold anyways. Pat's real name is Pat Balai. Pat went to college for acting, and was recently spotted on the web acting in professional productions out west somewhere. Pat's a nice guy.

Barbie Sparks & LJ Pascarella (Babs & Leather in Thing and Nothing) are not real. The nice, young lady whose only line was 'fuck me' wishes to remain anonymous. Her initials are "BG" and her name is listed above.

Rob Riester (Screwtape digital editor) Rob used to do digital editing and other stuff for Kalamazoo bands. He owned Fast Trax studio. He played the organ on Rollinghead's 'long black feeling'. He has a floppy eared rabbit (it was 10 years ago, the things stuffed by now).

Michael Roche (Producer, engineer for Thing and Nothing, Essential Cubicle Nosepicker) Mike, like myself, is a Diversified Independent Teleporter, which means he runs many businesses out of his basement. Mike used to play superguitar for Thought Industry (but he used to play bass). Mike started his studio business five ten years ago with only an 8-track, an old barn and know-how. He has since built his capabilities into one of the highest quality digital recording facilities in the mid-west, and has recently purchased moved into a larger retail space. His production credits include Thought Industry, Sleet, Clockmaker, Black Spring, The Shills, Blue Dahlia, and countless others. Somehow, his only disc is still "Table" (Blank, 1994) (oh, and the casies and now "Short Wave". So its his only three discs). Mike OWNS A HOUSE in Kzoo and his body is composed of the sole combination of Jack's Pizza, Marlboro Lights, Miller Light, Folgers, and Denny's Sampler platters.

Matt Sahlgren (Guitarist for Overman) Matt was so drunk one time that he had to walk on all fours at a big FAQ show. Seeing this, Craig thought it would be fun to have Matt play guitar. It was. Matt also played in Monster Zero and some other fun Kzoo bands. He was last seen in the Rural Electrification Act. Matt's a nice guy. I believe he's now working as a Consumable Delivery Enginneer in the pepperoni and cheese industry.

Xavier Siemens (Keyboardist for the Hudson Debacle) Xavi plays wicked keyboard's for the HUDSON DEBACLE. Xavi would rather be playing classical and acid jazz music, but we fill him full of beer so he won't notice. Xavi was born and raised in Spain, educted in London, and now is a PhD candidate in physics in Medford MA. finished his PhD in Cosmology from Tufts. He now lives in Milwaulkee and has a post-doc studying gravity waves. He specializes in cosmic strings, which are n-dimensional explanations for sub-atomic matter to presumably explain away why gravity is so weak and why quantum mechanics and cosmology principles don't jive (whatever - I never get this right - ignore my explanation). He is a young and handsome gentleman, and lives with his intelligent and beautiful girlfriend, Kim (who should get her own spot here, as she guest starred on a THD record).

King Tammy (friends for Overman and Screwtape) Back in the day, King Tammy was made of Chris Simmons, Jason Fortier, Darren Doyle, and John Barneveld. Then Davison's was in the band. Now they're broken up. We used to practice there. At their house. "There" is a triple homophone.

Jeffrey J. Till (In Overman: Bass and vocals. In Screwtape Anthemunanthem: Himself, Herman Keypad, Number 41, Screwy Duck, Senator Fortier, and Another man. In Thing and Nothing: Composer, lyricist, cover artist,bookends. In Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: composer, lyricist, cover artists, piano, buddy, Drummer in the Hudson Debacle) Jeff worked at the Velvet Touch in Kalamazoo while in Overman. During Screwtape, Jeff worked at Kinko's copies during the late shift. "Thing & Nothing" was built over the course of a year while working at a technology-based research company, called PTR. He composed and recorded "The Essential Cubicle Nosepicker" while working as a strategy consultant for Price Waterhouse (now PricewaterhouseCoopers). Then he worked as a marketing consultant for a small marketing and technology firm in Boston, and then worked for HNW, where he played drums in the HUDSON DEBACLE. (Jeff works nowhere now, 2002). Jeff now works as a management consultant for a labor firm. Some of his jobs didn't have recordings attatched to them, including working as a shoe clerk, deli clerk, telemarketer, rollerworld DJ, or waiter. He is also a painter and sculpter and a hobbyist web developer. A even more detailed account of Jeff's background is available here. Jeff lives in Cambridge, MA with his beautiful and intelligent wife, Jennifer, whom he calls "Mo". His past recordings include The Hudson Debacle (Rockmen to a far away nowhere, into the monkey oven), TASM Lab (Essential Cubicle Nosepicker, 1999), TASM Lab (Thing and Nothing, 1995), Screwtape (Anthemunanthem, 1993) and Overman (Racecar, 1991 - redux in 2003).

Craig G. Verity (In Overman: Drums. In Screwtape: Himself, passerby, voice of the city, Dizzy Duck, and Citizen 1.0. In Thing and Nothing: Passerby. In Essential Cubicle Nosepicker: Passerby) Craig's been around forever. He's said "why" in the songs "Independance Day", "Overman's Clear", "Free Delivery", "Disadvantage", "The Mungquack Initiative", and then said "how" in "everything seems clear". Craig lives in Kalamazoo San Diego and reportably his heart is going to explode plays a wicked game of Pente. Craig's recordings include: TASM Lab (essential cubicle nosepicker,1999), TASM Lab (Thing and Nothing, 1995), Screwtape Anthemunanthem (1993), and Overman Racecar.

That's it, punk.

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