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Mutt the Bastard

I keep on thinking about this movie I want to make about a fatherless confused young man who's on a quest to find out who his father is. The young man, named Mutt, runs around his own little village, very similar to the one Winnie the Pooh lives in. Mutt, and his friend Paper Napkin, trapes through their wooded village talking to many curious inhabitants. Through his journey, he finds that he is actually the product of 16 different fathers who all contributed thier seed to one woman. As Mutt seeks out his 16 fathers, his confusion is cleared and he transforms into a new person, eventually deciding to leave the Pooh-esque village and his friends.

As I will probably never get to even see a real movie camera, I may have to reserve this in comic format. Perhaps on this website.

Posted below are some conceptual drawings of some of the characters in the Pooh village. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

Paper Napkin, Mutt's sidekick and friend

Another Paper Napkin sketch

Some resident monsters.

One of Mutt's fathers.

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