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Heads up! We've started a crappy, Replacements-esque garage band! I just bought a drum set a month ago and am learning how to play. D. Austin Nash, author of 53 stories, recently began playing the electric guitar in earnest, and Physics PHD candidate Chris Beck is chiming in on Bass.

Our current intentions are to:
1. Drink beer all day on Saturday
2. Become musically adept enough to batter out 3 chord songs
3. Drink beer all day on Saturday

Our current set list is as follows:
1. Hello (Lionelle Ritchie cover)
2. I walk alone (Pegboy cover)
3. The Moons of Jupiter (Scruffy the Cat cover)
4. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry (Jeff Till original)

In progress: Daddy stinks because he died (Nash original)

Although it would be extremely premature to name the act, Mr. Nash has offered up some of his favorites:

- Trouserschnauzer
- 2 buck zither
- Ass Hammer
- Wrong
- Stinkertoy
- Skinbat
- Used Banjo Skin
- Dick Snikker
- Gravel Axe
- Ass Porno
- The Pe-nus-kateers
- Chile Bag
- Famous Anus
- Jeff's Mortgage
- 2 Bit Whore
- Flatulizer
- Gasoline Rainbow
- Beck
- Mother's at fullback
- SlapJack and the Wussies'
- The Stadium Rock Riffers
- Toneless
- The 4 40's

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