Hudson Debacle - Into the Monkey Oven

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The Hudson Debacle - Return of the Rockmen: Into the Monkey Oven

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  1. I don't know the Man with No Feet
  2. The Hospital in the Ocean
  3. We Young and Handsome Gentlemen
  4. Drinking with my Friends
  5. Your Drunk Drunk Secretary
  6. The Little Boy who...
  7. Stupid Yesterday
  8. Stupid Tomorrow
  9. Crimes of the Dancefloor Make-out Artist
  10. The Planet Earth Ejector Seat
  11. The Goddess Fabric
  12. Daddy Drinks Because You Cry
  13. The Wretch and the Devil
  14. Sad Berlin
  15. Rockmen to a Far Away Nowhere
  16. The Fantastic Asshole
  17. The Hudson Debacle Part II
  18. Lost in a Parking Lot
  19. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
  20. The Moon Rolled in the Sea
  21. How to Fight a Girl
  22. Stupid Saturday
  23. Icecream!
  24. Stumblebaby

"Into the Monkey Oven" was named after a Honey Dew sign that the Professor mis-read. Xavi and Kim both beleive that if you squint it could be very easily mistaken for "Monkey Over". Plus the bear on the sign could be mistaken for a monkey. I guess.

This was the Hudson Debacle's second record. As of November 2003, it has yet to sell a copy, but it certainly is for SALE or for DOWNLOAD.

This record features the prequel and sequel to "Your Drunk Drunk Secretary". Funny enough, it also contains the title track to the first record "Rockmen to a Far Away Nowhere". It also has other nice numbers written by team Debacle.

The cover painting shows the Debacle saving Monkey women! And escaping from monkeys who are baking!

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