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New music
New artwork
Concept sketches
Ideas for screen plays
53 Stories by D.A. Nash
Other stuff

Mr. Till: Idea man at large.

I fancy myself as an idea-guy. I get ideas all the time. After I get a few, I go out, get drunk, and tell everyone about all these smarty-pants, ambitious, world-domineering plans that I am going execute in exemplary style.

Then I come home, eat some microwave nachos and watch South Park episodes I've already seen. I figure for every 20 ideas I boast, I may only execute on one. Not a great ratio, but if I never had any ideas, then that one in twenty would never see light.

Often new concepts and ideas are best tested in the theory state, before any substantial work is completed. I have my own private committee of peers and friends who seem happy enough to berate and abase ideas in this theory state, but I am now opening it up to anyone who happens to trip along this site.

Another reason for this section is so I can purposefully record any projects I consider executing and feel bad when I see how old the "update" date is. This will hopefully act as a public policing system to get me to do work. Even though no one may ever read this or give a shit, I will hopefully feel the pressure none the less.

I'm reserving this area to post pieces of works-in-progress. I may decide later that this is a poor idea, perhaps because nothing good happens, my privacy is violated or I never update it.

The items posted here are all in draft format. If something seems stupid or raw, its because it is. If any good idea's do occur, then it will be nice to have a witness. If you would like to steal anything, please let me know. Your comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

Last updated: 12/02/00, 2/17/00
This Saturday will be the fourth rehearsal of a new music project Mr. Nash, Mr. Beck and myself are putting together. For FUN mug...(For history's sake, this is old link. The rock band, now THE HUDSON DEBACLE, just played its firs club show. A new page is HERE

Last updated: 10/19/99
This is tentatively going to be my next music program. I think it's going to be about a young man who grows up to be a murderer... (note from 12/02/00, over a year later: This is NOT going to be the next one. I've made no progress on this in the last 14 months)

Last updated: 10/19/99
Penisgeek throw-aways
Here's some of the stuff that was left off of Penisgeek Chrestomathy...

Last updated: 10/19/99
Christopher's Earthquake
A rock opera about a man who is buried alive in an earthquake for two days with a female co-worker. Underground they can only feel each other's hand and hear each other's voice. After they are unearthed, the man (Christopher) falls into a coma for eight years... (note from 12/02/00, over a year later: I'm happy that this idea exists, but I won't be moving on it anytime soon)

Last updated: 12/12/99
The Whole Goddamn World
I'm going to do a a loose two-hour musical adaption of Ayn Rand's "The Foutainhead"... (note from 12/02/00, over a year later: This is still be worked on. I lost alot of the initial script when a computer died. I still plan this to be the next TASM Lab disc, although the first Hudson Debacle disc will most likely be first. I have to hurry up and release stuff before the CD format becomes obsolete)

Last updated: 4/14/01, 12/2/00, 7/19/00, 6/13/00, 4/21/00, 3/27/00, 3/10/00, 2/22/00, 1/24/00, 1/12/00,
Jeff's Lyric Bank
Every so often I come across or invent a couple of words that I think I may be able to use in a song later. Since I write so infrequently, I USED TO record these little pokemons in my Wizard (a personal organizer my old boss Harris gave me)...

I am currently working on the following pictures:

Artwork in development
Last updated: 4/14/01, 12/02/00
I'm working on a giant painting of people eating dinner. Plus I finished my second sculpture months ago. My inactivity make feel poopy.

Last updated: 10/30/99
Last updated: 1/12/00
Artwork in development
My last painting, finished a year ago is a large (6'x3') painting for a friend. Its in oils. The subject is of a snow storm. A sample is linked below
(note from 12/02/00, over a year later: This painting is done, and I'm still waiting for my friends to hold their end)

Last updated: 10/19/99
Artwork in development
Another painting I'm going to start soon is an oil painting of a big blue monster stealing virgins. Below is a draft on paper, but haven't committed to painting the picture.

(note from 12/02/00, over a year later: This is most likely one of the 19 of 20 I refer to in the introduction.)

Concept sketches

The sketches below, often terrible, are the initial sketches for paintings. Captured here for whatever reason:
space space space space

space space space

This space left intentionally blank

Last updated: 10/19/99
I am currently doing self-study to become a film maker. I have no experience, no degree, no contacts, and live in the wrong town. I do have, however, some interest and a ever-widening knowledge of what goes on. My first exercize will be to draft a screenplay. I'm making slow, horrible progress. I will list some of the titles to the films, and as I flesh them out I may or may not share them here. Expect only treatments at first.(my nerves are getting to me. I fear rejection and embarrasment) (note from 12/02/00, over a year later: This is so on hold I'm embarrassed. I'll be in the barber shop business long before I become a film maker. I don't even live near where they make films)

Last updated: 10/22/99
Mutt the Bastard
No screenplay yet, but I'm working on some conceptual drawings...

Other titles are:

- The King of Diareah
- The Rental Car Action Plan
- The Flying Lions of Venice

Last updated: 1/12/00
Other stuff ongoing
TASM Lab did a brief show at the Harvey's "end of the world" party. A transcript from that event can be found HERE (note from 12/02/00, over a year later: God, I can't beleive this was a year ago. I'm not even Y2K ready yet!)

I have a bunch of ideas for new businesses but I don't I want to share them. Every so often one of my ideas pops up somewhere else by someone with more initiative than myself, which is unduly frustrating. One of these was consumer shopping unions on the Internet, which appeared a few months ago. On a dumber note, I predicted that Burger King would release a rip-off of the Big Mac years ago. Last year they introduced the "Big King". Unfortunately, I can't evidence this prediction as my only witness was drunk on draft beer. Bully for me. I'm so fucking smart. (note from 12/02/00, over a year later: McDonald's subsequently released their "Big Extra" which is essentially a Whopper. I didn't see this coming. )

Some other business ideas floating around:
- Mylifesucks.com: You get an imaginary allowance of money that you get to "spend" at other retail sites. Every week someone wins, for real, the stuff they "bought". This would drive people not only to visit shopping sites, but really go through them. Marketers love this, and your only giving away merchandise (which is cheap cheap cheap)

- LifeAuction: People can auction off thier estates before they die for 1/2 thier value, on contractual agreement that they will 1) will the estate to the buyer, and 2) invest most of the money they recieved from the sale BACK into the estate. For example, I'm 60 years old and my estate (home, furniture, artwork) is worth $500K. I sell it to young Dave for $250K. During the remainder of my life, I make some home improvements and buy some sweet antiques with the money I recieved, improving my life. When I die, Dave gets the estate worth $500K + appreciation value, + new value from the money given at time of purchase. The company would facilitate the legal and logistic aspects, taking basis point commissions off the sale price.

DriveWebTraffic: A consulting company that focuses on nothing but driving web traffic (there is currently no one big really doing this explicitly)


Secret Birthday Club! Don't tell anyone... This site is big and I make incremental improvements to it. It has over 100 pages of content, which if you didn't know, is a lot of shit for any one person to write about themselves.

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