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Here are links to TASM-related sites. I've decided to leave the old dead ones as a museum exhibit. The following sites will provide more information about TASM contributors.

I encourage you to check them out. I apologize if they are not quite up date.

TASM Fellow Mike Roche's own Broadside Productions. A full service recording studio in Texas Corners, MI., soon moving to Portage.

Kevin Banks is a good friend who draws wonderful pictures. Much of his work is published in the Boston Phoenix and the Weekly dig, a weekly newspaper. He's got two sites now. Check them out, both of them, dummy.

Post every stupid, drunken e-mail you've ever recieved! Or at least read some dumb ones.

Visit Hudson Debacler Xavier Siemens' personal website where you can download papers about gravity. There's also pictures of his pretty girlfriend and pretty sisters.

Back in the day (and even now?) Leppotone was the collective label and association for many fun Kalamazoo acts such as The Sleestacks, Sinatras, Twister, Tom Collins and King Tammy. They formed all sorts of other bands after I left town (in 93) such as Maltese Falcon, Goldenboy and The Underwear Hobos (OK, my memory is getting bad). ANYWAYS they have a busy, bloggy interactive site now where they still collect and talk about the bands. They should, IMO, post some content about the bands and maybe some MP3's. They must have a thousand recorded songs and I'd be delighted to hear them. Even back in the nineties these guys expected you to have a turntable.

TASM fellow COLIN BRADFORD's hip new Chicago alt/mod rock band.

TASM Fellow/Twitchie/Sleet genius Chris Bryer's fronts OCEANS OF REGRET in a spin-off playing previously unheard Bryer's songs. I'm dying to hear it. Hopefully they will record.

TASM Fellow and Thought Industry head-and-backbone Brent Oberlin fronts this new GR/AA based pop rock band.

Al was my best buddy during high school. Here is his personal site devoted to movies, Onion-like mock news and his personal life. Al lives in Virginia Beach now. Al's cool.

This is Joby's band site. I don't remember hanging out (or even meeting) Joby in person, but he's been a A-1 in our internet scene.

Back when I lived with Toolmaster, I also lived with LYNCH. Steve is now successful comedian in NYC and well on his way to becoming a JV celebrity. He had special on Comedy Central, his own game show on VH1, and constantly tours the country. His act is mostly him playing guitar and singing dirty songs that he writes. Funny funny funny. Steve used to do this back when we were college together (in fact, we, with Toolmaster and TASM Fellow Pat were in a short-lived rock band called the 4 horsemen), and I don't think anyone would have guessed that he would make a career out of it. In fact, besides perhaps Heather Marsden, may be the only person out of our 200 person theatre school to be doing beans. This link is for his professional website.

This link leads to a new unpopulated Dead River Drag site, current band of TASM Lab fellow Dave Grant.

This link leads to an old, crappy, out-of-date Dead River Drag site, old band of TASM Lab fellow Dave Grant.

I went to high school with Mr. Lawless, where he could juggle, act, and sing (including his talent show hit "katydid") and work cable TV equipment. Later he would reach new levels of fame by being the "mouth pop out of joint" guy on Thought Industry's first record "Songs for Insects". Joe is now in "the Shorewoods" out in Seattle. Check out his burgeoning web site.

Dead links - They don't work!

Even though these don't go anywhere, you may be able to appreciate that fact that they USED to exist. There is actually an internet archive (um, check alexa.com) that you can see old, off-line sites.

A brand new bud of TI site has just popped up, using the same name as Dewey's old site. TI includes TASM fellows BRENT OBERLIN, MIKE ROCHE, and JARED BRYANT.

GENIUS HIRED GUNS - Brent, Jared, Colin and Chuck!
The only all-TASM fellow band, Genius Hired Guns features Brent Oberlin, Colin Bradford, Charles Bradford and Jared Bryant

First to the Fence features TI cool-kid Jeff Borkowski. Probably the coolest of the bunch, in that too-cool-for-school type of way. They are a heavy metal band. Thier discussion board is the new webforinsects board.

BLUE DAHLIA - Michelle Graf!
This link leads to the Blue Dahlia site, which is for TASM Fellow Michelle Graf's band (now former band).

Burning Tent Revival is a cool band from Kalamazoo featuring Bill and Jeff Clements. Check out thier new website (as of April of 2002, put up by Mr. Askew). They used to be called Killswitch, and Selling Heaven before that when Yount and Bryers were in the band.

This link goes to Dewey Guida's award winning Thought Industry site, off which this site is modeled. Thought Industry includes TASM Fellows Brent Oberlin (Mashpee Mungquack among others), Jared Bryant, and Mike Roche.

FAQ was a splendid, splendid punk rock band that played in Kalamazoo back in the day. They released great music, Geoff's pants used to fall down, bad Ronald played drums, Chonk chunked, and Bob was inspirational. They took Overman to MN one time to play a party and a bar and we once drove miles and miles into farmland to play for no one. Overman used to cover FAQ's "Stuff", and one time they let me and TASM Fellow Brent Oberlin sing it on stage with them at the State Theatre. This link is to a very well done memorial site, with MP3's, videos, etc.,

Dewey J. Guida III is a talented fantasy and multimedia artist. Much of his web work had inspired me to create this site. Check out his new personal monument, CloudyNight.com

My good good old old buddy Joel Johnson plays in this NYC-based groovy rock band, Phil A. Sheo with the Goods. Apparently, he is one of the "goods". Phil A. Sheo is an alternate spelling of the sex act, just like FA-Q was an alternate spelling of the curse, which are both pretty clever if you're second grader (I really shouldn't editorialize, especially negatively, especially here). TASM fellows/Overmen Craig and Matt at one point gave Joel the name "Toolmaster of Brainerd", which has stuck now for a DECADE, as evidenced by his moniker at this site. I haven't seen them play yet, but I here that they are fabulous. Check it out.

"Straight from the great town of F.U.L.T.O.N. The Fucked Up Little Town Outside of Nowhere Tha Centre's View is another content-rich michigan band page, among other things. Now available is fee-free listening of TASM works (such as Thing and Nothing) in thier entirety.

THOUGHT INDUSTRY - Brent, Mike, and Jared!
This link goes to the new The Thought Industry official website administered by Mike. Thought Industry includes TASM Fellows Brent Oberlin (Mashpee Mungquack among others), Jared Bryant, and Mike Roche.

This goes to Sleet, a great band from Kalamazoo with TASM Fellow Chris Bryers in it.

Kevin Oberlin's record label and booking agency (home of Sleet). Kevin got the Debacle our first show.

Hall of Records features TASM Fellow Chris Bryers' band, Sleet. Chris played Simon Still in Thing and Nothing. The new band is really cool. It also features Kevin Oberlin (former Twitch) and Willy Axe (of Dave Grant's Rollinghead)

TASM Fellow Colin Bradford does some fine noodling here in Astrid Flood.

Angelrat's well done site on Michigan bands, including TASM contemporaries/fellows such as Thought Industry, Genius Hired Guns, Sleet, Twitch, Dead River Drag and Table.

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