TASM Lab - Thing and Nothing starring Colin Bradford of The Shills, Undercast

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Thing and Nothing

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  1. The Year the Clouds Hated the Ground
  2. Robots & Humans
  3. A Crazy, Madcap Day
  4. The Day the Fish Grew Brains
  5. The Science of Rape
  6. Humans & Robots
  7. Baby, I1m a Star
  8. Bookend I
  9. Mashpee Mungquack1s Sales Pitch
  10. Enter Captain John Barneveld to Buy the Game
  11. Mashpee Plots with Captain John
  12. Enter Simon Still Looking for a Lover
  13. Mashpee Makes his First Offer
  14. Simon Refuses the Whores
  15. Mashpee Mungquck Delivers Christmas
  16. Simon Accepts the Offer
  17. Simon Still is Fucked
  18. Captain John Harrasses Simon
  19. Simon Makes a Boat
  20. Simon Starts to Understand
  21. Captain John Takes Advantage
  22. Captain Johns Final Arguement
  23. Simon & Captain John Decide to Meet Later to Kill Mashpee Mungquack
  24. Simon Realizes What He Must Do
  25. Simon & Christmas Enter the Quiet Wood
  26. Wine Runs Down Her Sleeves
  27. The Confirmation
  28. Beautiful, Naked Love
  29. Journey to the Grandstand to Kill Mungquack
  30. Enter Mungquack, Unafraid
  31. Mashpee Reveals Christmas
  32. Simon's First Blow
  33. The Ill-Starred Head-Scotch
  34. Simons Final Blow
  35. The Death of Mashpee Mungquack
  36. The Game is Done, The Deal is Still Open & Simon Quits
  37. Bookend II

The cast of Thing and Nothing is listed below. Click HERE for bios of these fine players.

Mr. Mashpee Mungquack: Brent Oberlin
Simon Still: Christopher Bryers
Captain John Barneveld: Colin Bradford
Christmas: Michelle Graf

The Passerby: Craig Verity
Babs: Barbie Sparks
Leather: LJ Pascarella
Other Voices and Nooises: Mike Roche Jeffrey J. Till, Barbara Gribb and Mandy Neubacker
Produced and engineered by Mike Roche at Broadside Productions, September 1995 Kalamazoo MI

Preliminary tracks recorded at TASM Lab Nerdstation and Phoenix Studios, Boston MA

Post-digital manipulations by Brendan Gaul with technical assistance by Ric and Coleman at Bristo Studios, Boston MA

Foreword by D. Austin Nash
Insert artwork by Jeffrey J. Till
Editorial Assistance by Kari Fairchild

All Words and Music created by Jeffrey J. Till

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